Quick Questions With: Dark Stares

Posted: December 13, 2011 in December 2011

Dark Stares are a four piece Rock Band from St Albans. They are:

Miles Kristian Howell
Taylor Howell
Harry Collins
Brett Harland Howell

 Quick Questions With Dark Stares

“Dark Stares” – what’s the inspiration behind the name?

The intro to the cartoon ‘Funnybones’ with a tweak of spelling. All the best music is influenced from 80’s and 90’s cartoon intros, especially ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’. Three of us are brothers and Harry has been around ours since birth, so our collective childhood has lots of common threads and nostalgia. The name also just sounded right for our music. You’ve got to slap a label on the noise at some point.

Where are you guys from?

All born and raised in St Albans, which has been a bit of a stomping ground for new music in the last few years. Us brothers also have proud Welsh roots on our dad’s side.

How Did You All Meet?

On the living-room floor. It was a massive coincidence.

Who Are Your Main Influences?

Too many. Anything that is Rock & Roll. Led Zeppelin, QOTSA, White Stripes, BRMC. Anything that has a fair amount of care and thought in the song writing process.  And flows.

Best Venue You’ve Played So Far?

The 100 Club on Oxford Street, London, or The Forum in Hatfield. One small, one big, both have great atmosphere though.

You supported The Darkness recently – what was that like?

Yeah, a great great experience. The guys themselves were very friendly and kind towards us, and it was obviously just an honour to be playing such a prestigious venue and opening for such a cult band.

You’re About To Release your debut EP, how did the recording process go?

It went really well, we made the record at Outhouse Studios in Reading with producer John Mitchell of It Bites and Ben Humphreys who worked with us on a day-to-day basis. It felt great to just be putting down songs that were gig-hardened and deserved quality production behind them. It’s nice to be able to put something out there that can represent us for the foreseeable future.

How can fans get hold of your EP?

www.darkstares.com (coming soon) or by coming along to shows.

Got Any Videos?

Yeah we do. ‘Whisky’ is the first track from the EP and we filmed a promo video for it with Stand Your Ground Media. We’re really happy with the way it came out, and went onto film our set with The Darkness with the same production team. All these are on YouTube and we will keep adding to the collection as time goes on.

Favourite City/Town To Play?

Depends what for really. Your home town is always nice for reception. Though London is where to go for a band at our stage. But we’re really looking forward to getting out on the road in 2012 and playing some places completely out of our normal scope.

Any Shows Coming Up?

Yeah, Friday 6th Jan 2012 (06/01/12) we’re playing at The Horn in St Albans alongside our friends ‘Alexis Kings’. Should be a great show so come on down and see what the all the fuss is about. www.facebook.com/DarkStares is a good place to be up to date with what gigs we have coming up. So please check back often.

What Other Local Bands Do You Like?

‘Enter Shikari’ because they are good guys, and also let us open for them at The Forum in Hatfield. ‘Friendly Fires’ because two of us went to the same school as them for many years and they are doing St Albans proud. ‘The Scratch’ and ‘Touchstone’ for great music and through various relations both bands letting us support them numerous times as we grew up and found our feet. ‘Alexis Kings’ are doing well for themselves on the local circuit and could be ones to watch, as are ‘The Vertigos’.

What Are Your Plans For 2012?

Tour, plays lots more shows, write more, shoot more videos, launch our website and generally look to take the band to the next level.

Why Should People Take Notice of Dark Stares?

They shouldn’t or they might miss Cash in the Attic. LOLOLOL.


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